Pallars Jussà is a region full of contrasts with a great historical, cultural, and geological heritage, surrounded by the breath-taking countryside.
Casa Sullà is ideally positioned to discover and visit its many charming villages, take a pleasant walk in the mountains, visit its crystal-clear lakes, try some of the adventure sports on offer in the area and enjoy delicious traditional local food.
With our extensive knowledge of the area, we can recommend routes or excursions depending on what you’re looking for. Get in touch! We will be happy to help.


Pallars Jussá offers a wide range of nature to explore, a place where you can gaze at the stars and enjoy its lakes, rivers, forests, and fauna.


In 2018, Pallars Jussà was declared a UNESCO Global Geopark for its geological and palaeontological richness, so you will get to know first-hand the so-called “Land of Dinosaurs” and discover how they lived 66 million years ago.


There is a scientific research centre where you can find exhibitions on astronomy, a digital planetarium, and a sky observation platform with a 12 m diameter dome.


A special experience to discover and understand the universe from Casa Sullà with family or friends and stargaze through telescopes with an astronomer. Activity available on request where you can stargaze and discover the immensity of the night sky, as well as exploring its constellations and mythology. Book your experience with us now.


Visit the National Reserve of Boumort Hunting, a paradise for ecotourists, birdwatchers and nature lovers who want to see the best wildlife has to offer in the area. Book an excursion with us to see deer, foxes, roe deer, fallow deer and birds such as vultures, falcons and peregrines. In September and October you can also attend a one of a kind spectacle of nature: the bellowing of the deer.


Pallars Jussà offers immense possibilities for sport enthusiasts. You can climb mountains, go trek down ravines, navigate the calm waters of the reservoirs or the rough rapids of the rivers. Pallars Jussà has something for everyone.


Along the Caminos del Jussà you can walk along old bridle paths and other historical paths in the county. There are 63 itineraries with different difficulties and characteristics to explore, all together making up around 414 kilometres.


The orography and spectacular landscapes of the area offer an incomparable setting for mountain biking. Located in La Pobla de Segur, the Pallars Jussà MTB Centre has eleven signposted routes that allow you to cover a total of 315 kilometres with options for all levels of difficulty.


The Pallars Jussà is a favoured region to practise climbing. It is known for having its own microclimates, which, along with the suitable orientation of the walls allow for different types of climbing to be possible throughout the year.


The Sant Antoni, Terradets and Camarasa reservoirs, all located a few kilometres from Casa Sullà, are an ideal place to practise all kinds of water sports, hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking or even 4×4 routes… For more information on the routes, please contact any of the tourist offices in the region.


One land, a thousand stories. From Pallars Jussà you can practically follow the evolution of Europe. There are Neolithic, Iberian and Roman sites as well as an undisputed architectural and artistic heritage.


This trip will allow you to go back in time and discover what life was like before the formation of the Pyrenees. This is a region very rich in fossils, where the remains of dinosaurs are still around today, such as eggs and footprints, which you can visit and learn more about.


El Pallars is a site of genuine Romanesque architecture. There are entire villages that take you back in time. You only have to visit the streets of the historic centre of Tremp or the walled villages such as Figuerola or Salàs de Pallars to discover the legacy of their history.


In the Middle Ages, Pallars Jussà was a borderland and the border castles from those times still exist today. Real fortresses built 1,000 years ago, such as the Castell de Mur or the Castell de Llordà, which have preserved a rich heritage of military architecture, with around twenty defence towers and castles.


In Salàs de Pallars the museum is the streets of the village. The Old Trade Interpretation Centre displays a selection of traditional shops (a chemist’s, a café, a printing shop, a grocer’s, etc.) decorated with pieces from the second industrial revolution and the mid-20th century. This particular journey back in time is a must-see visit.


The gastronomy from Pallars is rooted in tradition and the tradition is based on the products that the land has to offer, which is why high quality gastronomy is possible here.


Pallars Jussà is full of artisanal wineries. Winemaking began in Roman times and is still going today thanks to the efforts of winemakers who are committed to providing quality and getting only the best from some of the highest vineyards in Catalonia. You can visit these wineries, taste their wines, learn about the winemaking process in the wineries themselves or at local fairs. We can even organise a wine tasting at the winery itself, all tailor-made for you.


There are some products that can only be tasted here in this region. Such as “girella”, a sausage made with rice and lamb giblets with the recipe going back to over 500 years, or quince “allioli”, wild boar “civet”, a stew of medieval origin made with game meat and “butifarra traïdora”, a sausage from the Catalan region. Other delicacies of the gastronomy of the region are the cheeses, especially “tupi” and “brossat”, as well as the mushrooms.

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